On neutral ground: Create your own nightclub at Chameleon Studios

Tired of just about every nightclub in Vegas? It’s time to go make your own. Behind an unassuming industrial façade near Russell and Sunset lies one of the most gorgeous venues this city has ever seen. But most of us don’t even know it’s there. Blending in almost too well, it’s Chameleon Studios.chameleon_32_t610

Below our radar for seven years, owner Cheryl Irwin has played host to an impressive clientele roster. Hosting high-end exclusive parties for everything from Dom Pérignon to Corvette, this isn’t an empty warehouse to which someone brings in a portable bar, a dinky disco ball and some folding chairs.

“We already have an amazing setup,” says Brett Pojunis of LV Media Group, and the managing director of Chameleon. The freestanding 10,000-square-foot Chameleon has multiple studios/rooms to accommodate assorted events. Every intricate detail of the existing décor was hand-selected by Irwin: elegant draperies, plush seating, one-of-a-kind flooring and the soothing smell of incense flowing throughout the space (the closest comparison would be the accoutrements of Foundation Room). However, what seems like a permanent interior can be scrapped on a whim to create your own nightclub experience with different environments throughout the venue.

Guests enter the space with an intimate living room to the left. The Chameleon Studio (the venue’s only permanent fixture) welcomes guests with something to make them “ooh”—a circular latex ceiling where backlit aerialists can manipulate and intrigue guests below. They’ll “ahhh” as they transition into the Gecko Studio, complete with high ceilings and a spring-loaded dance floor (a space that has previously accommodated rehearsals for Mamma Mia! and Cirque du Soleil productions). But the wow factor doesn’t end there. The largest room, the Komodo Studio, is the prime choice for a concert, large-scale party, fashion show, music-video shoot, record release or movie premiere. And if guests crave an elegant dinner, catering by chef Gustav Mauler is available.

If attending an elite soirée at Chameleon isn’t enough to make you feel like a VIP, there’s a private entrance, and the upstairs has an additional private room and suite to overlook the Komodo Studio. The outdoor area adjacent to Chameleon Studios can also be transformed for events. “Anything that someone can think of, we can do it,” says Pojunis. “We even had an ice skating rink in here one time.”

With a space capable of being redecorated and redesigned to your heart’s desire, why haven’t the majority of nightlife aficionados flocked to Chameleon in search of something without boundaries? For starters, Chameleon is membership-driven, and parties are invite-only for specific one-offs. Though Chameleon has the freedom to host anything from a sweet-16 to rival those of the privileged teens on MTV to the black-tie launch of a luxury automobile, the odds any of us will get on the list are slim. The probability we could throw a party at Chameleon is even smaller, unless a long-lost tycoon sent a blank check and told us to create an extraterrestrial playground for one night (Chameleon could probably do that, too).

But that only makes us want to go to Chameleon more. Now that Pojunis and LV Media Group have partnered with the venue, we might get the chance. “The clientele is upscale, corporate events, but now that we’re here, this is going to be our home base for all Club Scene networking events,” Pojunis says. “We like [Chameleon] because this is like the Switzerland of Las Vegas; if I throw an event here, Pure, Light [Group], Privé, Tao, everyone can come. There’s no drama, we’re not associated with anyone, and we’re not open on a regular basis.”

Want to get the skinny on holiday parties and special one-offs at Chameleon? Sign up for their e-mail list at chameleonlasvegas.com. We’re doing so right now, and maybe we’ll see you at the next exclusive party … if you can get in.


(Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly and at LasVegasWeekly.com.)

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