Getting more than we bargained for from electroclash DJ/producer Larry Tee

LarryTEe03_t270How’d you come up with your trademarked term “electroclash”?

I was really into a lot of the groups that were happening at the time, like Fischerspooner, W.I.T. and Peaches. I was gonna do a festival to try and bring more attention to them because I just loved them. So I needed a name for the festival. I started trying to describe what the music was, and I wanted something that was kind of a collision of sounds.

You’ve been making music since the late ’80s, yet the recently released  Club Badd  is your first artist album. How did it come to fruition?

Club Badd was actually the name of my first electro club … I just needed some original songs that would make people go, “Whoa.” I wanted some characters that were larger than life. So that’s why I started collaborating with people I found on the Internet. I got [cross-dressing comedian] Kelly, who does “Shoes. Oh my god, shoes.” Even [androgynous MySpace phenomenon] Jeffree Star … I got the most unusual bunch: a 7-year-old girl, nasty-mouth rappers like Princess Superstar and Roxy Cottontail. I just wanted something that would inject some sex back onto the dance floor. There was too many instrumentals for me.

Where did you find Amanita, the 7-year-old who sings “I Love U”?

[Amanita’s] mother was a club person, so she kind of grew up in the club scene. Patricia Fields, the clothing designer for  Sex and the City, used to babysit her … The last I saw her she was performing with the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, which is this kind of surreal art-rock band … Either this kid’s going to be a genius or totally in therapy for the rest of her life.

Tell me a little bit about “My Pussy.”

Well, your  pussy—I’ve read on the blogs—is fantastic! [laughing] No, since I wrote RuPaul’s “Supermodel” back in the day and [transsexual icon] Amanda [Lepore] was one of the hostesses at my party, I thought, “I can’t believe I haven’t done anything with Amanda Lepore!” … It’s somewhat inspired by the bitch tracks of house music of the day, but also the performance-art aspect of Amanda Lepore.

What about the track “My Penis” with Perez Hilton?

Perez called me up … He said, “We should do a song just for shits and giggles.” And I was like, “Okaaaay. Why not?” … He came over and kept … imitating Amanda Lepore. Finally, I said, “Dude. You need to do a version of ‘My Pussy’ called ‘My Penis.’” And he loved the idea. Then we did the video, which is so great … it’s a cartoon that was done by this brilliant guy in LA named Michael Mouris.

“Licky” with Princess Superstar is not something you’d typically hear spun in Vegas, but is popular elsewhere. Will you have to adjust your set at all for your gig at Moon on June 7?

[“Licky”] was done two and a half years ago. It’s funny, because now it’s Ultra Records’ No. 1 download on Beatport. I think the song was a little ahead of its time, and now with songs like [Black Eyed Peas’] “Boom Boom Pow” and [Kid Cudi’s] “Day N’ Night” … people have revisited my track because the album is just out. Whenever I do Moon, I do totally shake it up and put a little models-and-bottles up in my set … I do still keep it really sexy and really fun. Basically I play my sound, but I just throw a little more rump-shakin’.

Do you have any crazy stories from parties back in the day?

I was the emcee of [Disco 2000’s] hot body contest … We had this $50 cash prize for anybody who would take off their clothes and literally get totally naked for a chance to win 50 bucks … Usually, this one stripper who was a knockout with the best tit job in town always won. But one time, this huge 200-pound woman got up onstage, got totally nude, and this little skinny cowboy dude got on her shoulders—nude—and was riding her … She won, thank God. I’m always rooting for the underdog, that’s why the  Club Badd  album is so full of “Who are these people, and where did he find them?” I really need some more personality and glamour and surprises.

When you’re not playing in Vegas, what else do you do?

Oh, you’ll see me smoking cigarettes in front of the dancing waters [at Bellagio].

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