Five minutes (literally) with producer/DJ Ferry Corsten

(Photo by Mikey McNulty)
(Photo by Mikey McNulty)

Ferry Corsten.

Wet Republic.

Sunday, May 17, 2009.

Five minutes.

(More like five seconds.)



You started making tracks at 16 and bought your first keyboard as a teen. Do you think DJs/producers need experience playing musical instruments to create good records?

You can just step into it. There’s all sorts of genres that don’t need a sense of melody. That’s the beauty of dance music. It’s accessible to everybody.

You’ve been dubbed “The King of Crossover” in the realm of dance music. What does that mean to you?

(Laughing) I don’t think it’s a bad thing, really.

In your opinion, why is your home country of the Netherlands more nurturing to electronic dance music and artists, than, say, the U.S.?

It has a lot to do with radio and corporate backing of events in the U.S. In Holland, there’s a lot of backing… they use music for campaigns and national ads. The majority [of Dutch residents] are exposed to dance music.

What do you think of Wet Republic?

It looks amazing. It would be nice if this place is going to be known as a dance music place rather than commercial hip-hop and top 40… Miami can be like that. Maybe Vegas?

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