Girls of Double Down calendar has 2009 looking good

deanna_rilling_t420By Allison Duck

Looking for the perfect Vegas-themed holiday gift? Look no further than the Girls of the Double Down 2009 calendar.

Cuter than 365 days of puppies and less abstinence inducing than Ann Geddes’ babies in flower pots, the calendar ($20) features 13 Las Vegas women shot by Double Down regular Scott Berry inside the colorful Vegas haunt.

Berry started his love affair with the DD on blues night and became a regular before he started working the door. Berry says he loved the décor and the fact that he “could hear blues music at a punk bar.”

Pirate stays inside the box for her April calendar shot.

Pirate stays inside the box for her April calendar shot.

After becoming increasingly intrigued with the interesting ladies who walked through the bar’s door, Berry decided the ladies of the Double Down Saloon would make for some creative pin-up shots. He held auditions this past spring with the only stipulation being that the ladies who posed before his lens were regulars at the Double Down.

“It’s my baby,” Berry says of the calendar. “It’s all my photography.”

The women featured in the calendar include local musicians, models and other DD regulars, including our totally subjective favorite Miss August (otherwise known as Weekly contributor Deanna Rilling).

Nina Rose, a local underground goth model, posed with her friend Szandora, better known as the Hula Hoop Chick, for the October shot. (Szandora has become a local celebrity known for her sexy hula hooping in pasties, which accompanies many of the acts playing at the Double Down.) May showcases Brookelyn from local groups The Bargoyles and Suite 666 sitting on the bar with guitar in hand. And a mohawked Felony Melanie of The Objex graces the November page in a pose that can only be described as fierce. Rilling’s August shot shows her dressed up as a sexy reporter, while bonafide pin-up Dayna Delux vamps up the September page.

The recession is official and McCarran traffic is slipping steadily, but as we look ahead through the Double Down calendar, the New Year is looking fine indeed.

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