Audigier est arrive: A peek at Christian Audigier The Nightclub


Ecoutez et répétez, s’il vous plaît: Oh-DEE-zhee-AY (not Ah-DIH-grrr, or OW-dee-JAY). As any sophisticated nightlife aficionado knows, appearances are everything, and mispronouncing the name of Vegas’ new club may garner snide glances from selective door hosts and socialites. Take heed.

Christian Audigier. The French mastermind designer who’s lent his rock ’n roll Midas touch to brands such as Ed Hardy, Diesel and Von Dutch, among others. With an impressive celebrity following and endeavors ranging from fragrances to fine wine, Audigier now adds nightlife entrepreneur to his skull- and rose-embellished resume.

Teaming up with Pure Management Group and Treasure Island, “Fashionable Nightlife Arrives in Las Vegas” with the grand opening of Christian Audigier The Nightclub on July 4. The Weekly was granted an exclusive first look beyond the deep red velvet curtains adorning the entrance of the former Tangerine Nightclub.

Outside, large photographs of tattooed bodies are flanked by black crocodile-embossed columns and reflect the artwork Audigier incorporates into his designs (the photographs will change over time to keep the façade fresh). Black Japanese river rock walls tie into the design of neighboring restaurant Social House, with the addition of a rosy-hued mirror stripe. A two-sided video screen teases spectators of Audigier events.

Once inside, the sneak-peak at Audigier’s dance floor seen through the parted curtains becomes a reality, and guests are enveloped by elegant yet modern black, magenta and red accents. An exclusive VIP area with five tables to the left is enhanced by more black crocodile-embossed patent leather on the banquette seating and additional red mirrors. Rhinestone-encrusted skulls designed by Audigier himself add ornamental touches to the mirrored backing behind the booths and bring elements of decadence with an edge to the approximately 10,000-square-foot venue. Overhead, black Venetian-style glass chandeliers will set the mood while guests enjoy a departure from the industry-standard X-number bottle requirement. Instead, a dollar minimum per table has been established, and Grey Goose can be passed up in favor of multiple rounds of beer, custom cocktails … or perhaps bottles of Montpeyroux Estates Christian Audigier vino.

Dark wood floors lead guests to the thigh-high bar in front of shelves displaying multiple Audigier sculptures. Across the dance floor, VIP booths at floor level and atop a platform afford sweeping vistas of the interior, which has nearly 1,000 more square feet than its predecessor. Three ornate mirrors reflect the sophisticated LED lighting, which will set various moods depending on the evening. VIP guests can take a twirl around multiple stripper-pole platforms or dance atop the banquettes. “There’s really a lot of energy going on throughout the VIP section,” says General Manager Jason Cooper.

Music is composed of two different formats with resident and guest DJs. The main room will follow the standard Top 20, hip-hop and dance fare. Directly to the right of the DJ booth, glass doors and windows lead to the patio and what Cooper describes as a “party music atmosphere outside … you could hear anything from A Tribe Called Quest to Pharcyde to Beastie Boys.

“If you get a table on the patio, you’re going to be stoked. You’re going to say it’s the best seat in the house, and you’re going to have all different kinds of music to listen to,” says Cooper. The outdoor patio borders the Treasure Island waterfront and provides club-goers with a prime view of the Strip and the Sirens of T.I. show. The patio has been expanded 500 square feet from its Tangerine days, and the multiple lagoon-side VIP areas will likely become coveted spots for Audigier patrons. An outdoor staircase descends from Social House to the patio and provides dinner guests the option of forgoing Audigier’s main entrance lines and cover charge of $30 for men and $20 for women (local ladies are always free).

“[Audigier] has been so excited about having a nightclub, and he likes to party,” Cooper says. He anticipates the designer will make the commute from LA to the club multiple times per month to party with the “fashionably casual crowd.” From what we can tell, Christian Audigier The Nightclub looks to be très magnifique, n’est-ce pas?

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